Helicopter Longline - Free Basic Inspection Training Webinar

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Basic Inspection Training Webinar

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Next Date: Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

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The Barry team has more than 15 years of deep knowledge and R&D in the manufacturing of helicopter external load components. This online presentation is a unique chance to acquire new knowledge from the best in the industry.

Webinar Goals

  • Understand why you should take good care of your longlines
  • Introduction to mandatory inspection and maintenance programs
  • Provide tools for immediate action


At any given time, hundreds of ropes are in use around the world as longlines for helicopter external load operations. How many pilots and users truly understand the complexity of these sophisticated rope systems?
In a brief presentation, Barry's helicopter longline experts will share some of the most important aspects of the manufacturing and use of helicopter longlines and slings.

Subjects Covered

Aerodynamic behaviour, vibration, shock load, snap back, pre-use inspection, recertification, best practice and safety alerts.

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