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Synthetic Lifting Beam for Transformer

Synthetic Lifting Beam for Transformer - Barry Cordage
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Lifting Beam designed for lifting electricity distribution transformers, or for other loads requiring a two point lifting system.

The Lifting Beam bar is made of nylon and the rope is low elongation Dyneema®. Height adjustment is made with the adjustable splices.

Tested as per ASTM F711-02 for dielectric withstand test.

  • Bar material: MOS2 Nylon
  • Dyneema® Fiber Rope (UHMWPE) 10 mm (3/8'') rope
  • Reinforced top attachment rope
  • 2 adjustable legs with nylon webbing protectors
  • Height is adjustable from 41 cm (16'') to 58 cm (23'')
  • Width between adjustable legs: 62 cm (24.5'')
  • Working load limit: 728 kg (1 605 lbs), 7:1 safety factor
  • Minimum breaking strength: 5 100 kg (11 243 lbs)
  • Total weight: 2.25 kg (5 lbs)

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