Micro Haul Kit 21m (3m) rope lifeline - 4:1

Micro Haul Kit 21m (3m) rope lifeline - 4:1 - Barry Cordage

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Micro Haul Kit 21m (3m) rope lifeline - 4:1

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Packaged Micro haul kit, 21m rope lifeline, 3m working length


  • Rescue/rigging haul system with lifting and lowering capabilities
  • Pre-rigged packaged rescue/rigging solution
  • Manually controlled ascent and descent
  • 6:1 mechanical advantage
  • 21m kernmantle rope lifeline with a 3m working length
  • Twisted progress capture head
  • Integral rope guides for smooth operation
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High strength corrosion resistant construction
  • Packed in a protective rugged kit bag
  • Other lengths available to suit your specific needs.

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