Petzl Ascension Ascenders Left Black

Petzl Ascension Ascenders Left Black - Barry Cordage

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Petzl Ascension Ascenders Left Black

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Designed for ascending and occasionally for hauling (back-up).
For a single rope 8 to 13 mm (5/16'' to 1/2'') in diameter.
Aluminium frame and cam with inclined teeth and self-cleaning slots to provide grip on wet, icy or muddy ropes.
Ergonomic molded handle for comfort and thermal insulation.
2 lower holes for attaching a foot loop and a lanyard.
2 upper holes allow a carabiner to be clipped around the rope.
Comes in left-handed or right-handed versions.

  • Color : black
  • Weight : 195 g (6,88 oz)
  • Certification : NFPA-L

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