Helicopter Rope Cargo Net - 10000 lbs WLL - Model RNB

Helicopter Rope Cargo Net - 10000 lbs WLL - Model RNB - Barry Cordage

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Helicopter Rope Cargo Net - 10000 lbs WLL - Model RNB

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These cargo nets are made of large diameter rope for high- wear resistance and heavy loads in a rugged environment.


  • Square shape
  • Made from 13 mm (1/2") knotless high-tenacity co-polymer rope (15cm [6"] mesh size)
  • Extension lanyards made of polyester rope
  • 3 lanyards with hooks and 1 with master link
  • Transport bag included
  • Nets may be part of a recycling program (Ask for details)

Custom Fabrication:

  • Net dimensions
  • Color coding (extension lanyards)
  • Accessories (Rings, Hooks, etc.)


  • Permanent ID tag
  • Certificate of compliance issued with each cargo net
  • User instructions manual included

Note: Break strength testing (to determine WLL) was done with a water weight that simulates a perfect static load. Adjust safety factor in consideration of the load carried (Ex: irregularly shaped equipment, sharp edges, narrow heavy load, rough landing surface, dynamic effects, etc.).

  • Other dimensions available upon request

10,000 lbs WLL - Helicopter Rope Cargo Nets - Model RNB

Working Load Limit: 10,000 lbs (4,536 kg) @ 7:1

Code Description Weight (lbs)
HCN1616-4RNB Helicopter Cargo Nets (16' x 16') 61
HCN2020-4RNB Helicopter Cargo Nets (20' x 20') 95

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