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Helicopter and Drone Tow Lines and Bridles for military applications

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Helicopter and Drone Tow Lines and Bridles for military applications

Barry makes custom built assemblies using the latest technology and fibers.

Our expert rope technicians can assemble, to your exact specifications,
parts such as:

  • Custom longlines
  • Geomagnetic equipment ropes
  • Drone external loads transport systems
  • Wired longlines
  • Multiple lines
  • Ropes with adjustable splices
  • Bungee assemblies
  • Barry Cage Code: L3907


  • High strength
  • Low weight
  • Very low elongation
  • High quality fittings and hardware
  • Innovative solutions to optimize flight characteristics

Call our expert team to discuss your specific requirements.

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National Stock Number

Barry offers a wide range of military products designed to meet or exceed NSN and NATO STANAG specifications.
These premium helicopter cargo nets are designed for intensive underslung cargo delivery in rugged environments.

NSN equivalent cargo nets available listed below.
Please contact us for any inquiries on products not listed.

National Stock Number - Victim Aircraft Recovery Systems (UMARK)

National Stock Number - Military Helicopter External Transport Cargo Nets

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