Helicopter Long Line - Fire Resistant

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Helicopter Long Line - Fire Resistant

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Designed for helicopter external load operations involving work in proximity to a fire source and aerial fire-fighting. Typical standard longlines made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE or HMPE) have a relatively low resistance to short-term heat and have a low melting point.

Barry has selected low weight Technora® braided rope which is inherently fire resistant. In addition, these longlines are coated with a fire retardant coating which meets the NFPA 701 standard for fire resistant coatings.

The longlines are inserted in a protective jacket made of PVC fabric which also meets the NFPA 701. This special jacket protects the load bearing longline and allows for the insertion of electrical wires which may be required for activating mechanisms of the heli buckets (such as Bambi, Monsoon, Fast and others).

UHMWPE Technora®
Resistance to
short term heat:
70°C (158°F) 350°C (662°F)
Melting point 140°C (284°F) Carbonization at 500°C (932°F)
Does not burn or melt


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