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Manila 3-Strand Rope

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Our manila rope is made of first grade quality raw material. Manila rope is strong, economical and biodegradable.


  • Standard color: Natural brown
  • 3-strand twisted construction
  • Strong yet economical
  • Biodegradable
  • Meets S. Federal Specification TR-605B


Code Diameter Minimum Break Strength
(mm) (in) (kg) (lbs)
MHC081250 6 1/4 245 540
MHC1206 10 3/8 551 1 215
MHC1606 13 1/2 1 082 2 385
MHC2006 16 5/8 1 796 3 960
MHC2406 20 3/4 2 204 4 860
MHC3206 25 1 3 674 8 100
MHC4006 32 1-1/4 5 511 12 250
MHC4806 38 1-1/2 7 552 16 650
MHC6406 50 2 12 655 27 900

Video: Manila Twisted 3-Strand Rope

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