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Dielectric Ropes

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Barry’s initial development of ropes having outstanding dielectric properties started in 1998 for a Hydro Quebec project of live-line stringing of OPGW under wet conditions on energized 735 kV environments.

Our products are now used and trusted by utilities and linemen worldwide for performing live-line maintenance and stringing ,bare-hand work , personnel evacuation & rescue, helicopter class D and other critical applications on the grid.

Barry’s dielectric ropes (D.E.W. Lines) meet and exceed requirements of International Standards such as ASTM F1701-12, IEC 62192, IEEE 516 and NFPA1983-2012 and others.

Please note that we only offer finished & assembled products for dielectric applications and that we do not offer bulk materials or samples.

Contact the Barry consulting team to discuss your specific requirements.

Certain products are subject to minimum quantity requirements.

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