Military Helicopter External Transport Cargo Nets

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Military Helicopter External Transport Cargo Nets

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Barry offers a wide range of military products designed to meet or exceed NSN and NATO STANAG specifications.
These premium helicopter cargo nets are designed for intensive underslung cargo delivery in rugged environments.

NSN equivalent cargo nets available listed below.
Please contact us for any inquiries on products not listed.

  • 3 000 lbs:   1670-99-105-3845 
  • 5 000 lbs:   1670-01-058-3811
  • 5 000 lbs:   1670-99-127-3138
  • 5 000 lbs:   1670-99-138-1944
  • 5 000 lbs:   1670-99-730-5723
  • 5 000 lbs:   3940-00-892-4373
  • 8 300 lbs:   1670-01-657-2794
  • 10 000 lbs: 1670-00-893-2345
  • 10 000 lbs: 1670-01-058-3810
  • 10 000 lbs: 1670-99-257-0074
  • 10 000 lbs: 1670-99-727-6041
  • 15 000 lbs: 1670-99-573-5008
  • 12 350 lbs: 1670-99-977-3348
  • 15 000 lbs: 1670-99-325-7798
  • 15 000 lbs: 1670-99-730-0916

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