Technora® fiber 12-Strand Rope

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Technora® fiber 12-Strand Rope

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The 12-Strand Technora® High Modulus Polyamide (HMPA) fiber rope offers excellent heat resistance and high strength.


  • Standard colors: Natural tan, black, red
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Excellent resistance to flex-fatigue
  • Extremely strong
  • Easily spliceable
  • UV resistant urethane coating
  • Strength comparable to wire rope
  • High strength / low stretch
  • Flexible non rotational construction
  • Negligible creep/cold flow


  • Technical rigging
  • Heliport anti-skid nets
  • Wire replacement ropes
    Code Diameter kg per lbs per Average Strength
    mm in 100m 100ft kg lb
    TECH04 COA 3.2 1/8 1 0.7 1 542 3 400
    TECH06 COA 4.8 3/16 1.9 1.3 2 630 5 800
    TECH08 COA 6.4 1/4 2.8 1.9 3 810 8 400
    TECH10 COA 7.9 5/16 4.8 3.2 6 032 13 300
    TECH12 COA 9.5 3/8 6.4q 4.3 8 210 18 100

    Video: Tech-12 - Technora® 12-Strand Ropes

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